Christine and Ed Edelson look forward to being your Innkeepers and to making your stay at Cornucopia at Oldfield a memorable one. For years they dreamt of owning a bed and breakfast where they could help guests relax and enjoy some of life's true pleasures - quiet time by themselves or with new friends in beautiful surroundings. They both have had extensive experience in customer service related professions and look forward to using that experience and their skills at Cornucopia at Oldfield.

Christine and Ed have had the opportunity to live in many places. They met while teaching at a private school in Connecticut some 40 years ago. From there they moved to Vail, Colorado where Ed worked in hotel services and Christine opened a much needed nursery school and day care center. A few years later they moved back east to Ithaca, New York where Ed received his engineering degree from Cornell University and Christine taught preschool.  Ed's work in energy and environmental policy analysis took them to Colombia, MD; Pasadena, CA; and Kennewick, WA.

In 1980 the family moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts, where Ed completed his Master's degree at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government.  

Ed began his career with an international oil company and the family moved to Morristown, NJ. During that time, Christine focused on raising their three children. She also became an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant in 1985. When a company move took them to South Florida, Christine started her own company 'The Breastfeeding Connection' and soon developed a reputation as a leader in her field.

Ed took on many different assignments working in the Caribbean and Central America Division: marketing, planning, public affairs and eventually General Manager of the Bermuda Division. This forced them to move to Bermuda for four years. They returned to the United States for Ed's final assignment in Northern Virginia. While there, Christine continued as a lactation consultant at Sibley Memorial Hospital.

Their gracious Bermuda home (pink house shown to the left) with the veranda overlooking Fairylands Creek gave them the opportunity to host many relatives and friends. This was what convinced Christine and Ed that they really wanted to pursue their dream of becoming Innkeepers at their own bed and breakfast.

When Ed became eligible for early retirement and Cornucopia at Oldfield was up for sale, they knew the timing was finally perfect -- the dream became a reality.

Since coming to Southbury, Ed and Christine have become active members of the community.  Christine is the Treasurer of the Woodbury Women's Club and is an active member of the Mattatuck Unitarian Universalist Society where she services on many committees.

After serving on many different boards and commissions in Southbury Ed entered the political world and ran for First Selectman (mayor) of Southbury. In 2011 despite being from the minority party, Ed won with 60% of the vote. This was only the second time in the town's history that the minority party candidate won and the first time that the "coattails" were long enough to have the minority party control the Board of Selectman (6 members). In 2013 Ed ran for re-election and has been enjoying the challenges and opportunities of serving as First Selectman. With the election of 2015 ahead, he is working on his third campaign while continuing to lead the town in the right direction to advance Southbury.

Selectman Ed


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It's not just becaue the accommodations are wonderful (because they are)...
It's not just because the food isfabulous(because it is)...
It's not just because of your recommendations for dining /shopping /points of interest (which always seems to be the best)...
It's the feeling that you are just having a glass of wine with some old friends you haven't seen in a while (because you are).

Claudia and Lou, 1/10/10 (3rd time they have been at the Cornucopia at Oldfield)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Thank you for sharing your most gracious home with us, we felt a part of your family and the warmth of your kindness will always be a special part of our memories here in Southbury. I'm glad our first B&B experience was here.

Nancy and Rick, New Mexico, December 2009

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Not the location; which was beautiful. Not the lodging; which was wonderful. Not the food; which was outstanding. But Ed and Christine, who were all of the above and more. Thank you. Always ,

Harry, Connecticut 8/28/05


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