When Southbury Said NO! to the Nazis

Acclaimed Documentary About Southbury's History

Ed is very excited to be on the Commemoration Committee for the 75th Anniversary of "When Southbury Said No to the Nazis". As he likes to tell our guests, Southbury was the first government in the world to stop the Nazis - in 1937 the people of Southbury stood up against a group of Nazi agents who were trying to establish a training camp. (About 20 of these were established in other communities in NY, NJ and CT before the American Nazi movement came up under investigation and went out of business in 1939.)

The project was a huge success. The 40 minute documentary produced has been shown to 1000's in Southbury as well as in other communities, the state Capitol, the US Capitol, Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, the Holocaust museum in Washington and was accepted to the Boston International Film Festival. Here is a link to the trailer for the 40 minute documentary. Many of the interviews were filmed at Cornucopia at Oldfield and Ed has several appearances in the movie as Southbury's First Selectman.

The premiere in Southbury was a terrific community building event. It has also been made into a documentary of about 15 minutes that can be viewed by clicking here.

Of course a stay at the Cornucopia at Oldfield would make the documentary more interesting as this was the home of Albert Aston, the chairman of the committee to write the Zoning Ordinances. to "keep the Nazis out".


Extraordinary Fireboard from John Moseley's Bedroom Auctioned in New York

When Mrs. Aston left the John Moseley house in the 1950's, she took with her the original Fireboard that was in front of the fireplace in the master bedroom (now known as the John Moseley Sleeping Quarters). This fireboard was recently at the New York Antique show and was reportedly sold for over $100,000.

John Moseley Fireboard Primitive Art

A stay in the John Moseley room will give you that authentic feel of American History. For more information on the fireboard, click here.

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Fantastic stay. Really enjoyed the room and the downstairs area. Great Breakfast. Good News Cafe was a big surprise - world class French restaurant in Woodbury - who would have thought! Thank you.

- Paul and Rieko, Tokyo, Japan
August 2009


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